The Electric Plant

Strategically located to serve the Houston and surrounding areas.

A strategic location, Siemens’ proven high-performance, engineered products, top-level management and commitment to safety are first and foremost. 

Houston and Surrounding areas
Lot Size
20 - 50 Acres
250 MW
Team Directors
Neftali Arroyo, Lisa Quails, Christopher Daniels and Jason Chang
Project Financing
Siemens AG

Technology Specifications: Two SGT6-2000E four stage gas turbines with capacity of 117 MW each.  Suitable for all load ranges, especially the peak load range. Low-NOx combustion system. One SST-400 steam turbine with an output of up to 65 MW.


Use of Siemens’ SPPA-T3000 Control System which is one of the world’s most powerful and future-safe control systems. This system boosts profitability, reliability and ease of use.